Intelligence Center Legacy API End of Life Announced

The EclecticIQ Intelligence Center Legacy API will soon enter end-of-life.

Important Dates

  • Announcement date: 2022-01-11
  • End of life date: IC 2.13 release (at least 6 months from today)
  • End of support date: IC 2.12 release (at least 3 months from today)


  • “End-of-Life (EOL)” means the process that consists of a series of technical and business milestones and
    activities that, once completed, make the Integration Product obsolete. Once obsolete, the Product will no longer be sold, manufactured, improved, repaired, maintained, or supported.
  • “End-of-Support Date (EOS)” means the last date to receive applicable service and support as per the
    agreed service and support terms for the Integration Product and represents the final milestone in the
    Integration Product’s lifecycle.


The EclecticIQ Intelligence Center legacy API will enter end of support with the release of version 2.12.

Why are we doing this

EclecticIQ will be releasing a new public API in the 2.12 Intelligence Center release.

The documentation of the new public API can be found here (

All functionality of legacy Intelligence Center API endpoints is now reflected in the new API. Hence, we are now starting the process to end of life the legacy API.

What this means for you

Upon the release of Intelligence Center 2.12, the new public API will move out of beta version to a stable v1 version.

The 2.12 release will still ship with the legacy public API but it will be unsupported (it enters EOS). This means no changes or fixes will be applied.

The 2.13 release will not ship with the legacy API, so any external code that relies on the legacy API must be migrated to the new Public before you upgrade to this release.

What you need to do now

Action is only needed by customers using the current (legacy) Intelligence Center API. This includes the endpoints detailed in the appendix.

If you rely on any of the existing legacy API in your tools, you must start planning a migration to the new public API before the end-of-life date.

EclecticIQ can help you plan this.

Please contact your CSM at the earliest possible opportunity to do this.